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CosmoQueen is run by volunteers, who are the driving force behind the foundation. CosmoQueen generates work for underprivileged women and compensates fairly for handicrafts produced. Costs for raw materials, means of production and transport are necessary for the realization of the products. In addition, CosmoQueen sponsors individual women in the educational field with training programs and entire communities are supported by increasing their independence through the donation of materials and equipment, such as looms, sewing machines and so-called starter packages.

Because CosmoQueen's work is carried out by enthusiastic volunteers, CosmoQueen is always looking for driven and independent people who want to use their skills to achieve CosmoQueen's goals.

What can you do:

  • Make your network interested for buying or selling CosmoQueen products or develop your own CosmoQueen scarf or bag as a promotional gift (from 75 pieces)

  • Support in search for sponsors and/or participants for, for example, our annual Regatta or necessary transport flights

  • Help us increase our brand awareness by writing blogs or press releases

  • Support us in the organization of an event

  • Initiate short-term actions

Do you want to use your time, qualities and network? Register now as a volunteer by sending an e-mail to info@cosmoqueen.nl.




Astrid Ras


In 2005 she co-founded CosmoQueen Foundation, because she is passionate about creating opportunities for women who need it. She wanted to use her experiences from her own design agency Ras Design, such as developing large and small fashion collections. She is the creative centipede of the foundation and designs and develops our CosmoQueen products. The cooperation with underprivileged women in Jordan and Cambodia and the supervision of the training projects in Indonesia give her a lot of energy and satisfaction. The mutual use of talents in particular inspires her and is well suited to CosmoQueen's work.

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Robey de Jong

Vice President

By growing up with parents who are committed to a good cause, this naturally became a value and goal that she has come to propagate. She uses her work experience to modernize the foundation on a digital and strategic level. She has the drive to work for gender equality and sees that in emerging countries, women need a springboard to showcase their unique talents. Within her work environment, she sees how important it is for women to participate in a mainly male-dominated data & analytics world. Women are indispensable in building a sustainable and safe world.


Floortje Verheul


Making the world a little bit better by supporting people in their development has always been a passion of hers. First in the classroom as a philosophy teacher and now as a leadership & change advisor and secretary on the board of CosmoQueen. She believes that through targeted training we can offer women opportunities with which we can really help them on their own path to economic and social independence. Continuing to learn and develop as a person in order to be independent is very important to her personally and through CosmoQueen she can also support other women in this.

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Fleur Besteman


Doing something good for someone else has always been something that was inside her. She likes to do something for others without having to get anything in return. With her financial background and knowledge, she is ideally suited to assist CosmoQueen with the aim of empowering underprivileged men and women financially. What she thinks is the great initiative behind CosmoQueen is that they think along with the long-term process of training people and imparting knowledge so that they can eventually get started themselves. Not everyone grew up in an environment surrounded by knowledge, motivation and direction. A foundation such as CosmoQueen can help to organize this better.

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Willemien Botermans

PR & Communication

The unique talent and commitment of women are often the most effective tool for building a sustainable, safe world with prosperity and opportunity for all. An insight that has been the reason for her volunteer work at CosmoQueen for years. The direct contribution to making CosmoQueen's women economically strong is in line with her energetic and result-oriented attitude. Moreover, she has a great love for beautiful handmade products. With her experience in sales & communication, relationship management and innovation, she hopes to contribute to small steps towards a better life for thousands of families.