Inventory tour Jordan for suitable projects, local skills, materials and partners.

Founding partner

CosmoQueen starts a collaboration with Al Nuzha Society (Jordan). By making products in Jordan using regional materials and traditional stitches, CosmoQueen creates local work.

The CosmoQueen Foundation is founded by Astrid Ras and Katja ten Dam-Flik. They start a collaboration with Queen Noor of Jordan. Thanks to the start-up capital of our Founding Partners, it is possible to set up the foundation. Our Founding Partners are:

  • Stirr IT Up, Max ten Dam

  • Veenendaal Architects, Ed & Vivian Veenendaal

  • Berange BV, Eddy de Kroes

  • Liberty Health Care, Ron Piers

  • Douwe Miedema

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In Jordan, the collaboration with Queen Rania's Jordan River Foundation starts.

Inventory tour Cambodia to suitable projects, local skills, materials and partners. A partnership is being entered into with NCDP (National Center of Disabled People), they help landmine victims and CHA (Cambodian Handicraft Association), who also support polio victims. They make silk scarves with local knowledge and skills on behalf of CosmoQueen.

The first CosmoQueen Regatta takes place. This is a fundraising event that has since been organized annually by CosmoQueen at the Koninklijke Nederlandsche Zeil & Roeivereniging in Muiden.


CosmoQueen also works together with Iraq Al Amir, in a mountain village, plaids are made through a weaving project. This trains women in high-quality techniques and provides CosmoQueen work.

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CosmoQueen starts a collaboration with the Friends Foundation (Cambodia), they help single mothers by providing them with paid work.

The CosmoQueen gift boxes are made from recycled newspapers at Friends to also contribute to a sustainable world. This project is called 'The Mothers-Caretakers'.

Sart with a collaboration with women's cooperative in Jerash in Jordan. The other projects in Jordan are visited.

Donation for learning machines, looms, yarns, etc. to rural women in Cambodia.

Start giving CHA weaving and sewing assignments, such as scarves, bags, bags and beadwork.


The projects in Jordan are visited. CosmoQueen presents at Jordan River, Queen Rania in Amman.

CosmoQueen donates to cooperation partners in Cambodia to improve working conditions: light and air cushions, sewing machines, ironing machines, lock machines, looms, generator, allowances in the rent and electricity of the workshops, treadle sewing machines for rural women. Various machines for their workshop.

Donation to NCDP and CHA for textile training for women in Cambodia.


The CosmoQueen Award is presented for the first time during the annual Regatta. We grant the award to a well-known Dutch woman who, like CosmoQueen, is committed to a better society by supporting underprivileged women.

CosmoQueen is working on its visibility by improving the website with more graphic appearance.

Co-founder Katja te Dam Flik is withdrawing from the board.

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CosmoQueen visits sponsored projects in Jordan and donates various materials for their studio.

New products are developed during the visit.

In Cambodia we are starting with the products for private label orders (eg for TNT and McDonalds).

It is agreed with CHA and Al Nuzha to make donations over the next five years to ensure that the workshop meets the required means to be able to accept other orders and to continue to improve their working conditions.

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CosmoQueen donates materials to Al Nuzha, such as ironing and steam machines and fabrics so that its own products can be made for sale to the local market.

With fundraising of the Regatta, a new learning project starts in Indonesia in collaboration with the Pondok Kasih Foundation, through which women who live in cemeteries and rubbish dumps in Surabaya, Jakarta and Madura receive a textile professional training.


The project in Indonesia is visited and CosmoQueen donates various materials and orders in Cambodia.

With the proceeds of the Regatta, a start will be made in 2013 with a learning and job-providing project in Guinea, West Africa in collaboration with local foundations. Sponsorship Nimba Boutique in Conacry Guinea. Young handicapped women receive guidance for two years and then the chance to build an independent life.


Berg & J Koster of Médecins Sans Frontières are conducting research at their own expense and provide financial advice to Al Nuzha (Jordan) on how to become less dependent on CosmoQueen's assignments.

CosmoQueen continues project support in Guinea.


The Ebola outbreak interrupts the Nimba Boutique project in Guinea.

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The focus is on the development and expansion of our products. In this way we generate more work for our projects and visibility for the foundation.


CosmoQueen visit Iraq al Amir. It is being investigated whether setting up a camel farm in collaboration with Noor Al Hussein Foundation is possible. This turns out to be too difficult without a sponsor.

The training programs in Indonesia have proved successful and we decide to continue with this.


CosmoQueen sponsors Al Nusha a sales consultant to support them and how to sell in the local market.

CosmoQueen shopper is being developed at Friends, so that car tires and rice shops can be recycled.

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CosmoQueen products are sold through third party platforms to further expand our reach.

The CosmoQueen regatta is canceled this year due to corona.

CosmoQueen focuses on bringing its products to the attention of its products through a wider range. They do this by creating a new website with a webshop and using social media channels.

The board is being rejuvenated to contribute to this appearance.

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