Super cool that you are interested in raising money or sponsoring an existing campaign for CosmoQueen by donating money. It is great that you help us achieve our goal, because every contribution makes a difference in the lives of people who have no economic or social independence.

There are many ways to raise money, but be sure to choose something that suits you. You can start your own action by, for example:

  • celebrate your birthday and ask your friends to donate money as a birthday present

  • run a marathon and get yourself sponsored by family and friends on behalf of CosmoQueen

  • organize an event

  • as a gift for your newborn child, asking family and friends to make a donation to CosmoQueen instead of giving a gift;

  • collect returnable bottles and donate the collected yield.

With every action you give women in particular the opportunity to use their unique talents, which are indispensable in creating a sustainable, safe world with prosperity and opportunities for everyone.

If you have thought of an action, send us a message via our contactpage.


Take action

Contributers in action

Corien van den Wall Bake

My action

For my birthday I gave a nice birthday party and instead of a materialistic gift, my biggest wish was that the guests make a donation to CosmoQueen. The donations went to the women's project “Pondok Kashi, education and work”. As a result, three women were able to follow training for a year.

My wish

I think it is important to help women (and men) who do not have the opportunity to receive an education. CosmoQueen fits in nicely with this. It gives these people the opportunity to receive training and to do honest paid work. I am proud that I and my friends have been able to make a great contribution and thereby support CosmoQueen.


€ 1.330,-

Marloes Westerhof

My action

In 2015 I ran the New York Marathon for the women of CosmoQueen. With this I raised a nice amount with which the women of the project “Al Nuzha” were able to buy their own materials such as yarn and fabrics. They can use this to make local products with which they generate extra income.

My wish

When I was 18 I went to Ghana to do voluntary work. Ever since that time, I have enjoyed working for good causes. CosmoQueen is one of the organizations I like to work for, because I support their mission. An organization that works for underprivileged people, who are offered an opportunity to build a better life with the help of assignments. CosmoQueen knows with its expertise where the donated money should best be spent on and is transparent about this. Because of this I trust the organization and I know for sure that the money will be spent properly.


€ 275,-

Kris Rekers

My action

I started selling my homemade cupcakes at an important football game of my club to raise money for CosmoQueen.

My wish

My wish is that families from other countries get as many opportunities as we get because we live in the Netherlands. Because me and my sister are lucky to be born here and not everyone is.



€ 56,-

Foto Kris Rekers.jpg